Welcome to the Bopimo blog!
Jul 3, 2021


It is me, FireCat! I am one of the creators of Bopimo, along with Isaiah and Leon. I will be writing the first ever blog post, and all I have to say is; Welcome to the first-ever post on the Bopimo blog! This blog will be the home of news and updates about the development of Bopimo. In this blog post, I will be answering some questions that you may have about Bopimo.

What even is Bopimo?

Bopimo is the online 3D platformer where you can make your own levels. But what does this mean? You control your character like any old 3D platformer and can run, jump and dive as well as a variety of other moves. But Bopimo has a twist - you make the levels. In Bopimo, you build the levels as you play them. So using Bopimo’s building tools, you create your level as you move around in it. If your friend happens to join the level, you can give them building permissions and they can help you build the level of your dreams!


Levels are what Bopimo is all about. Levels are a 3D environment that players have to navigate through to reach the end. On the website, there is a levels section that displays a variety of levels created by Bopimo users. If you create a level good enough, it could even be featured by us! Players can run, jump, dive, roll, crawl, and a variety of other moves to navigate through levels. Once they get to the end, all they have to do is touch the end goal and the level is complete! Once you complete another players level, you will be rewarded with a small amount of coins and XP.

Your Bopi

Your Bopi is your own customizable avatar in Bopimo. You can use the coins you earn from completing levels to customize it with a variety of cosmetic items.These include hats, faces, toys, shirts, pants and shoes. Hats, faces and toys are all official items created by us. (In reality, I make them all since I’m the asset guy). Hats go on your head, faces change your expression, and toys are items held in your hand. Shirts, pants and shoes are all self-explanatory and are the only items that normal players can create. All items are cosmetic and can’t affect gameplay in any way. In addition to items, you can customize the skin color of every part of the Bopi. So if you are feeling lazy and don’t want to buy a shirt, you can just make it look like your Bopi is wearing one.

Answering your questions

On the official Bopimo twitter account, we asked for your questions. Now we are going to answer them.

Q: What inspiration(s), if any, did the development team take into account when creating the game?  Are there any specific things that inspired the game's art style, mechanics, etc?

A: Bopimo has been influenced by a variety of different games. For the mechanics, we were inspired by Super Mario 64, Super Mario Maker, Blockland, and Roblox. Now for the art style, we were mainly inspired by The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. Just compare a Bopimo dust particle to one from Wind Waker. For the modeling side of things, I picked up the style from one of my friends.

Q: When will Bopimo release?

A: Bopimo is supposed to release this year, although we have no exact date yet. Once we have a date, we will tell everyone beforehand so they can prepare.

Q: Is Bopimo going to be free?

A: Yes! Bopimo will be completely free. The only things you can spend your money on will be coins and membership, which grant no gameplay advantages.

Q: Is Bopimo a new game?

A: Yes. Bopimo is a completely new game, set to release this year. Bopimo is unrelated to any other games or games that have previously existed before.

Q: Was Bopimo’s code leaked?

A: No. Any code that is said to be Bopimo is completely unrelated to this project.

Q: Is there going to be any beta testers?

A: We have a small group of people already that will help us test Bopimo. There will be no public beta.

Q: Will there be any other features for movement? Like sliding, ducking, or crawling?

A: Yes! Bopimo is a 3D platformer after all, so it needs a large moveset. There will be crawling, wall jumping, long jumping, and a variety of other movement not shown so far.

Q: Will hats like Vaporwave Top Hat be on sale at release? Or will I have to wait?

A: Only a small amount of hats will be available on release. Over time I plan to release the stockpile of items that I have created.

Q: -_- face?

A: Perhaps.

Q: Will there be a shop/items system or limiteds items that will be tradable? Also will there be events?

A: There will be a basic shop where you can buy items to customize your avatar. There will be no trading system or sellable items. And of course there will be events! I already have a lot of events planned. You’ll be able to earn exclusive prizes during them.

Q: Will there be display names or a forum when the game comes out?

A: Display names, no. Forum, yes.

Q: Can you tell Leon to work on Bopimo?

A: Of course, I tell him all the time!

Q: Who is the best staff in Bopimo?

A: Me, Isaiah and Leon are the only staff and also the best staff.

Q: Are you guys planning on advertising in the future?

A: Yes! We want to have lots of active players.

Q: How are you doing, Unknown Social Media Manager?

A: There is no unknown manager, only me, FireCat.

Q: Will there be different types of textures than just checker patterns when bopimo comes out?

A: Yes, lots of them! And they’re called patterns, by the way!

Q: Why does Bopimo have an exclamation mark on the name, it's like you're shouting at us...

A: Because it looks cool and makes the logo look better.

Q: If you were to give the website, game client and workshop’s progress in %, what would it be?

A: Perhaps maybe 45%. Remember, there is no workshop program, as you build the levels as you play them!

Q: Will there be any rewards for reaching milestones visit wise, as there are no currency rewards for visits. I feel like devs who work hard deserve something.

A: Currently, we don’t have anything planned that rewards level creators for the amount of plays. But it’s definitely something we’ll look into.

Q: Will there be tools/gears in Bopimo?

A: If this means holdable items, then yes! Toys are items that you can hold in your hand as we figured users would want to customize their avatar with items like swords. Toys are completely cosmetic and have no function in levels as that would disrupt the gameplay for other players.

Q: Can I play Bopimo with a Wii remote :)

A: No.


  1. Can I get beta tester?
  2. Why don't you make the game sort of early access?
  3. How many videos should I make on the game?
  4. Is there gonna be a hat limit?
  5. I need the striped gray wool hat, glasses and blue scarf. Can you do that for me?


  1. No.
  2. We don't want people to be playing a game that's buggy and unfinished!
  3. Hundreds of videos!
  4. If this question means the amount of hats you can wear on your Bopi, then the answer is 3.
  5. Perhaps, who knows what items I will create!

Q: Has Bopimo changed itself?

A: Bopimo always changes itself as we add more and more features!

Q: Will there be environment settings so we can make night maps, rainy, etc. ?

A: Yes, although they are fairly limited. Right now you are only able to change the sky texture and the lighting color.

Q: Will there be pre-release name claiming?

A: No. Once Bopimo is out, usernames are first come first serve.

Q: Will we get a viola to go along with the cello?

A: Perhaps. And there is no cello, only a double bass!

Q: Will there be a UGC system or will Bopimo fully control the Bopimo market?

A: The only items that players can create is clothing.

Q: What scripting will be in Bopimo? Visual? Lua? Gdscript? C#? Visual? None? Or maybe something unique? It would be nice to prepare!

A: Bopimo will not have any scripting on release. Scripting is not currently a priority, as Bopimo is a 3D platformer and we are focusing on platforming elements. If scripting were to be added in a future update, it would be visual and would be used to create even cooler levels.

Wrapping things up

That's all for this blog post! I hope everyone reading sticks around for when Bopimo releases! (Hopefully this year!)